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Sounddiffusion Sound System

The Sounddiffusion package is a five channel bespoke stereo pro sound PA system comprising of sub bass cabinets , bass reflex cabinets, mid low horns, mid high horns and top tweeter horns. The result is undistorted fidelity music of the highest clarity at sound levels guaranteed to cover the largest venue. The Sounddiffusion system provides HiFi sound coverage to large venues both indoors and outdoors and is modular to suit different crowd capacities.

technics decks quality hi power sound system

The complete package supports music sourced from Computer, Vinyl discs and Compact discs.

The fully loaded system is rated at 20,000 Watts RMS

disco high power precision devices bass speakers

Stage lighting comprises of:

  • PAR64 / 54 lanterns [x 50 units]
  • Laser show x 5 units
  • 3000Watt Strobes x 2
  • Q wash x 2
  • PAR54 LED clusters x 4
  • Ultra Violet black light

The system is stereo and equipped with four channels + sub bass right and left with each channel actively crossed over and assigned dedicated audio power amplification. High quality low distortion reproduction is now possible at realistic sound levels commensurate with good quality domestic HiFi.

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