Hire Soulnights.com to Play 1960s Sounds at Your Next Event

1960s Themed Party nights

Hire Soulnights.com to provide authentic 1960s music for your nostalgia party event, we know the right sounds to play and how to present the package to re create the atmosphere of the Swinging Sixties.

Early Sixties pop music was predominantly from the USA and still retained a flavour of 50s Rock and Roll until the emergence of British Beat groups in about 1963 which took both the UK and USA by storm. Even then much of the music was UK ‘cover versions’ ie usually insipid copies of their American counterparts, however this was to change and the next 3 – 4 years saw a golden age in UK pop music driven primarily by the phenomenal success of the Beatles and the Liverpool sound. 1967 saw the start of the flower power movement with hippy followers identified by Kaftans, bells, flowers and once again music from the USA regained chart places.

Soulnights.com play 1960s sounds that were popular in the clubs, Pirate radio [e.g. Radio Caroline], and the charts; to add to the authenticity we play mainly from the original 45 RPM singles released at that time to create a truly memorable night.

Sets are compiled exclusively from the music released in the Sixties and are uniquely presented by Soulnights.com DJs to ensure a full dance floor and of course a fantastic authentic 60s night.

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