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Hard House Music

Hard house is up-tempo electronic house music with fast kick drums, off-beat bass lines and repetitive synth. The style often has breakdowns like Trance music but tends to be less melodic and is a more aggressive & energetic kind of dance music.

Generally, Hard house is part of a wider group of styles called Hard Dance and has little in common with the modern Trance or House music scenes and goes for a stronger ‘storm’ or ‘rave’ type sound. [Hard Dance also encompasses NRG or Hard NRG, which UK Hard House is often confused with]. The beat is much faster than other House music genres and dancing is clocked at dangerously high speed!

Tidy Trax is a leading UK based Hard House record label and is rapidly becoming an international clubbing brand, the label is host to the bi-annual Tidy Weekender which is a massive amalgamation of clubbers, DJs, light and sound hosted over a full weekend in the UK.

If you like storming non stop extreme dance music then Sounddiffusion can play Hard House for your next event or party.

Sounddiffusion Top 20 Classic Hard House Tunes

2SamsaraDave Holmes
3Another JamLisa Pin Up
4UnbelievableLisa Lashes
5Give me some moreDJ Gert
6Last OrdersDefective Audio
7Lost in a dreamMatanka
8Hell’s drumsVinylgroover & Red Hed
9Comin’ on strongSignum featuring Scott Mac
10Shake itThe Moon
11Ready to GoChampion Burns
12Jet LagDJ Kim
13Bad guy smokedDefective Audio
14Frequency responseBen Stevens
15Bits & PiecesArtemesia
16 Lashed TrackLisa Lashes
17Music is movingCortina
18ScrewdriverRachel Auburn
19TemptationLisa Lashes
20Desert StormEd Real

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