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Freeform Hardcore

Freeform Hardcore House is extreme ‘fast lane’ electronic dance music which is delivered at a manic 160 to 180 beats per minute. The sound is more melodic than Hard House and has a faster beat. The genre has roots in Euro pop with tinges of Trance [example breakdowns] but unlike Hard House and Trance usually features vocals; the more commercial tracks feature swirling synthesiser patterns which impart an almost childish simplicity to the tune. Example of a Hardcore Freeform commercial tune is by Cascada, fronted by stunning female vocalist Natalie Horler; ‘Evacuate the Dance floor’ was a massive club chart hit in Europe.

However for a first class Hardcore Freeform tune look no further than Scott Brown ‘False Prophet’...

The dance pace is bonkers, as an understatement, Sounddiffusion DJs are able to play Hardcore Freeform dance music and at your next event or party

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